Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Something that everypup should have in their doggie kit !

Heyyyy guyssss!!!!It's me, the biggie sister,Nana here!;)

I have got something to share with you today..! It's a simply amazing product!Well, I'm sure 'K9 KlearUp' sounds pretty familiar to you,right? For those who had no idea what it is, it is actually a doggie balm that helps to clear up pretty much any skin problem...Cool right?!?;D

Anyway,yesterday momma got an e-mail from Uncle David, the Director of the company.*I wonder when I will become the Director of my housee..or even better,the neighbourhood's!*As for New Year, he would be having something special for alllll my friends!Which includes allll of you!:]*wink*

So what he did was he created a special coupon that you can use for freeeee shipping!!!!!!To every single corner of the world!*whisper: This usually costs up to $12.95..but not now.So let's save that up to buy some treats!Oh yea,and pretty dresses!**blush*

Your coupon is-2011

(Just enter this coupon upon check-out and click
"apply" to use it. Expires January 31st, 2011.)

Here’s the special link for you to use:

If you are feeling itchy or having any minor or major skin issues, get this!You will never regret!

(Note: I’ve also seen it do wonders on rough,
dry dog pads, so can be great to use right
now in winter too!)

Of course uncle David and the company stand 100% behind
the product*Angela popping out* and you get a full year to try it out (I wouldn’t
recommend them to you if they didn’t.)

Again, your coupon is “2011” and the site to visit is:

Nana*Angela: And meEEeee!*

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