Friday, January 7, 2011

My dumb sister is in deep doggie poop!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh crap!This afternoon, when mummy comes back from school, she heard Angela's cry from next door. And guess what! She went into their house when granma was going out ! And the worst thing is,granma and our neighbour didnt realise that she sneaked in! So they went out and the gate is locked ,Angela stayed there for 6 hours!!!6 fReaKin hours!And of coarse, with DESTRUCTION.She broke 3 flower pots and the mud is allllllllllllll over their verandah!!I'm eager to see their expressions when they come back..@,@

mom's note: Angela will usually stays inside when the gate is open..but this time..

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Asta said...

O think youw sissie is going to be in the notty cownew fow a while, but honestly, I don't think it was all hew fault. hoomans should be mowe caweful
smoochie kisses