Monday, January 31, 2011

We need your help to arrest these f****** abusers!Pls help to spread the news!

Hey guys, it's Nana here.Anyway,some idiots in our country are abusing this lil poodle named Sushi.And our USELESS and IGNORANT government are still not taking any action,how stupid.I know, for these kind of cases,in some countries,the abusers are probably caught within a few days..but no,not in MALAYSIA.

Your can read the news here= .Pls help to spread this news to as many pups as possible! Or even better,make this news known to everypup in the world!Maybe the only way to make the government of Malaysia to wake them up from their sleep is to embarrass them anyway.

For those who wants to watch the whole process, go to *prepare a box of napkins beside you..*

Your help is very much appreciated!


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